Services Offered

Swedish Massage

Long, slow, relaxing strokes soften muscle tissue, increase blood flow and calm the nervous system. Relaxation massage has been shown to be an effective form of stress reduction; increasing productivity, improving mood and clarity.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to target specific muscles that have become a source of pain or discomfort due to postural imbalance, injury or stress. Using a deeper pressure can at times cause discomfort, but your experience should not go beyond a productive, "good pain". I will always strive to work within your comfort level while breaking up adhesions, scar tissue, or trigger points that may be at the root of the dysfunction.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can improve physical efficiency for optimum athletic performance. Deep tissue techniques may be combined with some assisted stretching to increase range of motion. Relaxed, flexible muscles are less susceptible to injury.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage encompasses both pre-natal and peri-natal care after the birth of the child. Pregnancy massage may utilize Swedish relaxation techniques as well as deep tissue and assisted stretching techniques, depending on the areas of complaint for the expecting mother.

Massage during pregnancy has been shown to relieve spasms, cramps, swelling and mood swings while contributing to improved labor outcomes and body awareness. After birth, massage assists the body in returning to its pre-pregnancy state, as well as relieving some of the physical and emotional stresses of caring for and carrying a new baby.