"I think this must be what Heaven is like! It was my first time trying CranioSacral Therapy and I'm hooked. Rebecca's deep knowledge, technique and passion for the comfort and well-being of her clients is extraordinary!"
~ Barb H.

"Rebecca is soft, gentle and a proven care taker. I've had the pleasure of receiving Thai massage, traditional massage and most recently, several cranial sacral treatments. I feel completely relaxed, renewed and deeply refreshed after leaving her care. I would highly recommend seeking out Rebecca and her amazing healing hands for any hip, back, neck pain, headaches or just to give yourself some time for self care."
~Sheila P.

"I have been receiving Thai massage from Rebecca for several months now, and I am a big fan. As a runner, I think the variety in technique has been really helpful, as I find that Thai is really able to get at some of my biggest problem areas. I highly recommend it."
~ Matt B.
"I have to let you know whatís happening with my body since the Thai bodywork last night, I just canít believe it. I feel *really* great today, like better than Iíve felt in a very long time. Itís remarkable. I have NONE of the little aches, tenderness or soreness that Iím used to having everyday, itís crazy. In addition to the lack of my little pains, my upper back and ribs feel noticeably broadened and open, and I easily take in large, deep breaths. Iím very pleased and happy for this, thank you very very much. I canít wait to do this again."
~ Amanda B.